A Bond Strengthened

By: Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom

This month is the month everyone celebrates love, whether love between two people, the love shared in a friendship, or the love shared within a family. Valentine’s Day is an exchange of cards, chocolate, and sometimes even jewelry. Some say it has become to commercial and have opted out of celebrating the 14th of February. For me, Valentine’s day is less about the “stuff” and more about the meaning. It’s a day to reflect on how God has blessed me with the love of friends, family, and especially through marriage. It’s a day to appreciate the love we are given.
As I sat in class this week cuddling my little girl, kissing her little cheek, I thought about this love. I thought about how much our love has grown through the act of attending this weekly Kindermusik class. I’ve learned so much about this little beautiful girl in my lap and have come to be able to connect with her on a much deeper level than before. We’ve learned to communicate, play, laugh, dance, soothe, and even to relax. This class has taught me that there is so much more than our day to day life. I’ve learned to give her my attention, my energy, to actually play with her.
We spend hours playing, using the props or ideas we learned about in class. We march through the house as a game. We spend hours dancing to music and playing with our homemade drums. We use blankets to sled down the hall and to make a parachute. When reading we add actions and become engaged in the story, books come alive! The memories Kindermusik touch goes beyond the 45 minute class and into our everyday lives.
So much laughter has been created in the magical setting in the Kindermusik classrooms. The giggles accompany imaginary play and time spent focusing on just the little person in my lap. I hold on to these days, knowing she won’t always fit in my lap. I cherish the giggles, knowing they won’t always come so easily. I embrace this time, knowing our bond is strengthened.