Praise from Parents

594A3706web“When I became a mother just over two years ago, I knew I wanted to enrich my daughter’s life as much as possible. I wanted her to get involved with music and dance and swimming and tumbling and anything else to help her grow and develop mentally and physically. When she was born, early and little, there were concerns she may be behind developmentally. When Bailey was 4 months old, I started researching ‘Mommy and Me’ classes in our area. I came across Music Connections and decided to attend a free preview class. We instantly fell in love, and have been going every week since! Before we started, I imagined we would be singing songs and playing instruments. However, it has been so much more!! We sing, we dance, we play, we read, we make friends, we learn! The teachers are amazing! Not only are they teaching our little ones, they are giving us knowledge on child development as well. They give us first-time moms insight into what our babies and little ones should be achieving and when. One of my favorite parts of the Kindermusik classes is the sign language!! At 9 months old Bailey could only say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, but knew 5 signs! By 15 months she knew 16 signs, and by 18 months she learned and used 32 signs on a regular basis! She could tell us when she wanted ‘milk’ or ‘bed’ even before she could speak them. This was such a blessing that she could let us know what she needed without having to cry for it! I am happy to say that she is not behind developmentally, and is a very happy and active toddler! I owe a big THANK YOU to Music Connections for bringing out the best in my daughter and helping her to grow beyond what we ever imagined!! I am excited to continue on our Kindermusik journey, and I encourage anyone with a little one to give it a try! They are only little once, so take this time to invest in their future!”

— Amanda Walters


“Kindermusik has been wonderful for our family. We have been attending since our son was 13 weeks old – now he is 22 months! We plan on continuing for a long time. We love the music, we love the instruments, we love the social time, we love the movement, and we love the signing. Mrs. Jun showed us the sign for bird when we “traveled to a park” in clothes baskets at our first class during a summer camp. We were very interested in signing and learned as much as we could. Even though we encouraged John David to use “more” and “all done” when he was eating, “bird” was his first sign at 10 months old. A few months later, he started to pick up and use new signs regularly. Of course the music part of the class is wonderful. Music has always been important to us, and we love to see how John David listens to and enjoys music from everywhere. Thank you for this wonderful experience for us to share with our son.”

— Jason, Tammy and John David Dietrich