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Skills that Build a Future for Children

By Katie Henderson | Mar 28, 2022

As a mom, I’m in the business of guiding my children to become productive, loving and driven adults. Every opportunity I give my children helps them build the person they’ll eventually become. Not only do I purposefully provide them with opportunities to learn at home and school, but also in the community. When I think …

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The Places We’ve Gone – Through the Eyes of a Kindermusik Mom

By Katie Henderson | Nov 9, 2021

By Beverly Smith (We’re using scarves to pretend we’re sailing through the ocean waves!) Today, we sailed the sea and swam in the waves, all in the comforts of a carpeted room full of giggling kids! With the days turning cloudy, cold, and gloomy, Kindermusik is a good 45-minute break from the fall/winter monotony. It’s …

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Easter Bunnies & New Beginnings

By Katie Henderson | Mar 31, 2021

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom As the snow melts and the temperature slowly raises the mercury, I have a feeling of new beginnings. Every year, as spring approaches, my whole body buzzes with a new-found energy. It’s like I’m thawing along with the ice! I see it in my children too, as they become bouncier …

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Sharing Our Love for Kindermusik

By Katie Henderson | Feb 3, 2021

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom Every February we celebrate our love for Kindermusik at the Music Connections studio. This year my family is attending class virtually and, like most celebrations or traditions in this year of the pandemic, we won’t be at the studio to celebrate. However, my family’s love for Kindermusik is as strong …

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Yes, there’s an app for that! Kindermusik adds new possibilities for virtual learning

By Katie Henderson | Nov 13, 2020

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom While we’re adjusting to a new normal, kids and adults alike are experiencing new difficulties and finding creative solutions. For my family, some difficulties are the loss of play dates, church gatherings and special family time with grandparents. We also greatly miss our friends from Kindermusik. Although most are things …

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How Music Transformed Me

By Katie Henderson | Nov 2, 2020

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom I was always a pretty quiet kid, though most people wouldn’t believe that now. I was so quiet and timid. I came from a large family and lived in the country surrounded by wide open spaces. We didn’t have cable tv or the technology of today, but we did have …

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Making the Best of a New Reality

By Katie Henderson | Jul 2, 2020

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom Over the past four months our lives have drastically changed. Simple things we took for granted before are now things we wish we could do. I’d love to have a playdate with all my daughters’ friends, take my kids to play at the park, have a date night with my …

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Predictability & Routine: the Importance in Casting out Fear for Young Children

By Katie Henderson | May 13, 2020

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom It’s a fact: Children need routine and predictability in their days. Routine helps kiddos to distinguish between tasks, order their days and predict what is coming next. According to a wonderful article I read in preparing for this blog, some of the important reasons for setting routines include: giving children …

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Five Ideas for Self Care

By Katie Henderson | Apr 2, 2020

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom Can’t go to the spa? I’ve brought it to you! Can’t stop by the coffee shop? I’ve got that covered too! During this crazy, cooped up time, it’s hard for moms to get a free moment, let alone take time for self-care. When you’ve finally found a few minutes to …

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