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Be Patient Moms, the Light Will Come On

By Katie Henderson | Sep 29, 2018

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom As a mother and as a teacher I have discovered that, although I have a great amount of patience for children, I struggle with waiting for the big moments– the “ah ha” moments. Every child will reach every milestone at their own pace. We are made to possess different talents …

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Teaching Math Through a Childhood of Play

By Katie Henderson | Aug 20, 2018

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom When you think of teaching math to your child, you likely think of numbers, addition/subtraction and memorizing facts. As a mother and former elementary teacher with a math endorsement, I’m here to say math is so much more than numbers and memorization. Before technology took over our homes, we played …

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Reflections on Ethiopia – Learning Truly to Embrace “what is.”

By Katie Henderson | Aug 6, 2018

by Katie Henderson, Founder/Director of Music Connections Foundation “It is what it is” – a phrase often heard in America. Most times, what we hear behind those words is a spirit of exasperation, frustration, or even resentment toward whatever circumstances have brought us to where we are. The words seem to be a routine attempt …

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All That Really Matters

By Katie Henderson | Jun 9, 2018

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom The journey of motherhood has changed me in so many wonderful ways. One of those ways is how I see the world and what really matters. It’s easy to be happy when you realize that all you really need is faith, family, and friendship. All the material things started to …

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Making Memories with Mama

By Katie Henderson | May 21, 2018

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom When I think of the journey through the first year of Kindermusik for my daughter, Isabelle, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the joy it has brought her and my family. I moved to Normal, Illinois, when Isabelle was four months old. In the few short months since …

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Process over Product – Considering a New Way of Life

By Katie Henderson | Jan 1, 2018

by Katie Henderson, Founder/Director of Music Connections Foundation This Christmas I was definitely NOT going to spend the multiple days and trips up and down my attic ladder needed to lug the 12 + large crates of decorations out when we were going away for the holiday. My life was too frantic, my back giving …

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Kids – No Hidden Agenda There!

By Katie Henderson | Oct 20, 2017

by Katie Henderson, Founder/Director of Music Connections Foundation As an early childhood educator, one of my “go to” kid sayings comes from the author of a favorite parenting book – Conscious Discipline, by Dr. Becky Baily. “Children are either extending love or calling for it.” Period. End of story. There is no hidden agenda or …

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Gratitude with Intention – a Powerful Choice!

By Katie Henderson | Oct 29, 2016

In my collection of fall decorations is a plate, gifted me by one of my dearest friends, embossed with this saying: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” It was given to me at a time when I really needed to hear just that – you know, one of those messages from above – but …

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Keep Calm – Pass it On

By Shelly King | Oct 17, 2016

This quote from L. R. Knost, a child development researcher and author, has crossed my path numerous times in the past year and it struck a chord in me from the first. Had I seen this 10 years ago when I was deep in the little one/big emotion drama, I would have printed posters of …

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