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Advice to a Parent – Say YES more often!

By Katie Henderson | Aug 4, 2016

by Katie Henderson, Founder/Director of Music Connections Foundation, Inc. Last night in my final Kindermusik summer class, “Zoo Train,” my little cuties were heavily “into” exploring every single thing in our classroom other than all the things I had intended for us to explore: a tiny, random little bucket hung on the wall just above …

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Like the Waves upon the Oceans & Shells Upon the Shore

By Katie Henderson | Mar 22, 2016

Today I am feeling nostalgic. Because circumstances were such that I have had to miss teaching my Kindermusik classes for TWO weeks in a row – the first time in 22 years that I can recall that happening – I am missing my students! After what was to be a quick trip to my hometown …

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A Mother from Russia Relishes the Gift of Music

By Katie Henderson | Dec 6, 2015

Hi everyone! My name is Olya. I came to Normal from Vladimir, Russia 8 years ago to get my Master’s degree in Communications. Then I got married and had a daughter Leah. The marriage did not work out. When Leah was almost 6 months old I had to flee from the place where we resided …

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Kindermusik Makes all the Difference – A Mother’s Story

By Katie Henderson | Nov 5, 2015

Last Thursday, I had 3 pediatric therapists, a developmental therapist and 2 physical therapists, come to my home to evaluate Ryan for his overall development to see if he is need of further services. (primarily for his lack of walking) The good news is, Ryan does not need further services, as he is only slightly …

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Dads Do it Too (or The Tale of the Missing Kindermusik Mom) by Tawni Martin

By Katie Henderson | Oct 21, 2015

Okay, I admit it, I never went to Kindermusik. Well, never is a strong word. I would go maybe once, twice a year. Sure, at home, I sang ALL the songs, read the stories, all of that. But rarely did I grace the doorstep of that magical world of a Kindermusik classroom…. As I mentioned …

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Will it last?

By Katie Henderson | Oct 15, 2015

By Tawni Martin – Music Connections Foundation Administrator Kindermusik entered our family’s life in the early winter of 1995. My husband came across some information about a fairly new music program in Bloomington, which included a class offered for very young children. Eager to begin, our daughter Brenna and her dad actually had to wait …

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Making a difference at both “ends” of life

By Katie Henderson | Oct 10, 2015

My heart overflowed this week when I had a chance to assist at our Foundation Class for seniors, (with Moms and their kiddos) at Heritage Manor in Bloomington. It struck me so profoundly how the goals we have for a little one – working on range of motion in the arms and legs, labeling and …

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Parent Testimonial

By Katie Henderson | Sep 22, 2015

Hear our Music Connections parent, Lisa Landstrom, tell her Kindermusik “story:” My Kindermusik story began when I was 3. I know, I know. 3? Let me explain. My parents played in the bell choir and sung in the church choir. I went to every practice and from that early age, I realized just how important …

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“It’s all about the…..”

By Katie Henderson | Sep 17, 2015

The start of a school year is, at Music Connections, exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. For at least two weeks leading up to the start, my administrator and I often spend 12-14 hours a day preparing. With a small administrative staff of two, we are the “jack of all trades” – janitor, pack …

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