Summer 2023

Sing into SUMMER with Music Connections Foundation!

Kindermusik Camps for Ages 0-5

4 Week June Session: June 5 - 28

4 Week July Session: July 10 - Aug. 2

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Age: Lap Babies & Crawlers

Tuesdays: 12:00, 5:30

45 minute class with grown-up


June: BUSY DAYS, with errands and trips around town - to the grocery store, doctor's office and Uncle John's - will set the stage to incorporate songs and musical play into your family routines; these routines help your baby build a sense of predictability and trust, spurring his social-emotional development. You will relish this time together each and every week!

July: NIGHTY-NIGHT has us looking at starts, watching the man in the moon, and exploring the routines surrounding playtime, bath time, and "nighty-night." Sight-strengthening activities like dances, tracking objects, playing instruments & scarf play will engage and foster your baby's development.

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Age: 1s & young 2s

Tuesdays: 9:30, 10:30, 5:00

45 minute class with grown-up


June: BIG RED BARN - A favorite theme, farms, and all the moos, quacks & neighs that go with them, are a reliable toddler hit! Moving like animals, making their sounds, and playing instruments will help us learn about opposites like fast/slow & loud/quiet and help your little one's brain to think and predict.

July: AROUND THE HOUSE - Home is not only where the heart is, but where the cooking, eating, playtime, bath time, and pets are. These typical times, and songs, dances and instrument play about them will set the stage for us to explore, play and learn, providing ideas to incorporate into your daily routines as well.

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Age: 2s and young 3s (*family-style option)

Tuesdays: 9:15, 10:15, 5:15

Wednesdays: 9:15, 6:15

45 minute class with grown-up


June: UP IN THE SKY - We'll explore all the things that find their home in the sky through songs, dances, instrument play, listening and vocal play. Get ready for flying kites, Mister Robin, and reaching for the sky, all while learning to be expressive with language and movement.

July: FAMILY & FRIENDS - Sing, dance, move, and play your way through this celebration of why family and friends matter so much! We'll have fun AND develop important social skills in activities about Grandma & Grandpa, shaking hands with our neighbors, and making friends.

*The perfect place for quality time spent together, Level 2 done "Family Style" includes siblings ages 18 mo - 7*  in the engaging singing, movement, instrument play & interactive story time that are typical components of this themed camp.  (*babies under one year old are welcomed at no charge)

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Age: 3 - 5 year olds

Tuesdays: 10:15

Wednesdays: 10:15, 5:00

60 minute camp with crafts & games! Grown-ups come into the room at drop-off to help child acclimate & return at the end for sharing time.


June: OUT & ABOUT - We'll trek across the mountains and travel to the beach on a journey that will have us scuttling like crabs, flying like seagulls and dancing in the wind as we fine-tune our gross motor and cross-lateral skills. Pretend play, singing, playing instruments and crafts bring this camp adventure to life!

July: ON THE GO - Inspired by things that go - trains, planes, cars, wagons and even feet - getting up to move, AND practicing self-control along the way, makes this an engaging camp and powerful learning environment for your 3-5 year old. We'll learn and explore simple musical terms as we sing, play instruments, move and do crafts for 60 minutes each week.


Foundation - Level 2 Classes: $85 for one month; $155 for both

Level 3 Camps: $99 for one month; $178 for both

Family Style Pricing - $85 for the first child, $42 for the second, $32 for the third.

*$25 deposit at sign up, balance at start of camp

Studio Connect Camps for Ages 5 & up

Hats Musical Theater Camp

Ages 5 - 8

June 5 - 9 or July 10 - 14

Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 12:00


What to Expect:  Grab your hat! It's time to party! Hats of all shapes and sizes take over the stage when a group of milliners help Hatless Hank find the perfect hat. Through a clever rhyming script and engaging songs, your child will discover that it's not the hat that makes a person special, but what's underneath! From hilarious to heart-warming, this 20-minute musical entertains and educates, and is the perfect early musical theater experience for 5 -8 year olds. The week culminates with a performance for family and friends, and daily camp activities also feature crafts, games and snacks.

Ukulele camp

Ages 6 - 9

May 31 - June 21

Wednesdays: 9:30 or 5:30 (90 minutes)


What to Expect:  Explore the customs and songs unique to the islands, especially Hawaii, the birthplace of the Ukulele, and learn beginning strumming techniques and chords on your very own instrument (included in the camp price). Perfect for the recent Kindermusik graduate, we’ll sing, strum, play games, do crafts, move and dance in this weekly 90 minute camp.

Piano Safari Camp

Ages 6.5 - 9

June 6 - 27 or July 11 - Aug. 1

Tuesdays: 11:30, 5:30 (60 minutes)


What to Expect:  Animals like hippos and elephants set the stage for fun and learning in this small group 60 minute weekly piano class (maximum enrollment of 6). A carefully sequenced intervallic approach to learning piano ensures your child will have rapid success in learning songs, a great motivator to ongoing piano learning.

Studio Connect Musical Theater Opportunities

Aladdin Performance Camp

Ages 7-10 & 11-16


Camp I: June 5-15 9:00 -11:00am (no camp 6/10 or 6/11)

Performances: June 15 at 10:30am & 6pm

Camp II: July 17-27 8:30 - 11:00am (no camp 7/22 or 7/23)

Performances: July 27 at 6:00 & July 28 at 11:00

PERFORMANCE CAMP for Ages 11 - 16

Camp I: June 5-16 12:30-3:30pm (no camp 6/10 or 6/11)

Performances: June 16 at 3pm & 7pm

Camp II: July 17-28 12:30-3:30pm (no camp 7/22 or 7/23)

Performances: July 28 at at 3pm & 7pm

Tech Camp

Ages 11-16


This camp will run in sync with Aladdin Kids Camp for ages 11-16 in June.

Camp I: June 5-16 12:30-3:30pm (no camp 6/10 or 6/11)

Performances: June 16 at 3pm and 7pm

Jr Directors Camp

Ages 12-18


This camp will take place in sync with Aladdin Kids Camp for kids age 7-10.

Camp I: June 5-15 12:30-3:30pm (no camp 6/10 or 6/11)

Performances: June 15 at 10:30am and 6pm

Camp II: July 17-28 12:30-3:30pm (no camp 7/22 or 7/23)

Performances: July 27 at 10:30am and 6pm

*Campers who sign up for both Jr. Directors camp and Aladdin Kids can pack a lunch and stay in between camps at no additional cost.