Parent Testimonial

Hear our Music Connections parent, Lisa Landstrom, tell her Kindermusik “story:”
My Kindermusik story began when I was 3. I know, I know. 3? Let me explain. My parents played in the bell choir and sung in the church choir. I went to every practice and from that early age, I realized just how important music is to one’s life. My parents continued to encourage music through church, school, and piano lessons. And eventually I went to college earning a degree in music education and music therapy. As my husband and I began to discuss having a family, I remember telling him that our children would have music experiences in their lives. I began talking with my mom friends and heard about Kindermusik. I signed up my oldest even before she was born! At 4 months, she started her first class with Mrs. Bruno. Who knew that the relationship with Mrs. Bruno would become so strong. Today at five years old, she is anxiously awaiting a lunch date with Mrs. Bruno that her daddy won for her at the Music Connections “Once Upon a Time” Family Ball! Our experience with Music Connections has far exceeded my expectations. All our teachers and staff treat us like family and genuinely care about my girls. My second daughter didn’t start her Kindermusik career until 8 months old. I was so disappointed that she had a “late start”! My girls are now five and two and music is something they gravitate to. Their exposure to a variety of styles of music, instruments, and musical terms has helped them realize that music can be used as an expression of their most inner thoughts and feelings. It is not uncommon for spontaneous dance recitals and singing concerts to pop up wherever and whenever the mood strikes. As a music educator and therapist, I have had years of training in the whys and hows of the science of music. I’m thrilled that my girls are living out that science everyday! Music is very important to me personally. It was something that developed naturally in my life. With the exposure that my girls have had within their Kindermusik classes, I feel that they are realizing that music is important to them. I hope that they continue to keep music close to their hearts. They might not turn their love of music into a career like I did but I hope they continue to see the importance of music in their own lives.