Voice Lessons

Private & Group Voice Lessons with Studio Connect

Kindermusik Branding Shoot

            Summer 2023                    September 11, 2023 - May 20, 2024

This 32 week school year session includes 30 private lessons and at least 2 live performance experiences such as recitals, masterclasses, Kindermusik graduation performances, or another community engagement.

Kindermusik Branding Shoot


November 19 - 26

December 22 - January 7

March 24 - March 30

Kindermusik Branding Shoot


Lessons are designed as a post Kindermusik program. Typically beginning around age 7.

Private Voice Lessons with Studio Connect

30 voice lessons & 2 live performance opportunities for 9 equal payments of $110.

30 voice lessons & 2 live performance opportunities for 9 equal payments of $142.

Group Voice Lessons with Studio Connect

Group voice lessons minute weekly for 30 or 45 minutes, for small groups of about 3-4 kids. This is a great opportunity to kids who love to sing and are wanting to explore vocal technique in a low pressure, fun, social environment. These group lessons allow students to engage with one another in a guided, encouraging way as they learn together. Group voice students will develop healthy vocal technique, musicianship, ensemble skills and more!

Classes are scheduled on an as needed basis. If you are interested, please fill out an inquiry form, and we will try our best to find a group for your child!

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