Making Memories with Mama

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom

When I think of the journey through the first year of Kindermusik for my daughter, Isabelle, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the joy it has brought her and my family.
I moved to Normal, Illinois, when Isabelle was four months old. In the few short months since her birth my life had completely changed. I left my southern home of Chattanooga, left my teaching job to stay home with her, and moved near family for the first time in more than a decade ... all on top of becoming a first-time parent. These changes left me feeling lost and without the support of friends. I was struggling with my new home and my new job as a stay-at-home mom.
Two months after moving, a family member told me about an opportunity for a free month of Kindermusik. She told me about all the skills Isabelle would learn from the class (sign language, motor skills, social skills, etc.). I thought, “Why not try it?”
Isabelle smiled and laughed so much during her first class that I came home and told my husband we had to find a way to provide our six month old with this opportunity permanently. Not only did she become hooked, I did, too. The first month added many things to my life that were missing — structure, time outside the home with other parents, and joy!
Before Kindermusik, my days were long, and quite frankly, I was tired of doing the same activities over and over. I struggled to find the best way to communicate with her, play with her, and teach her the motor skills she needed to learn. Kindermusik taught me how to better play with Isabelle and gave me an idea of what motor skills to work on at home.
After class, we would go home and practice the skills we learned in class. We also learned sign language, so that Isabelle could communicate with us. And each new week, we looked forward to class and seeing our friends. Before long, both Isabelle and I, had made some wonderful friendships and began going on playdates on days we didn’t have Kindermusik.
Since starting the program, Isabelle has soared in her social skills, motor skills, and communication skills. She started walking at eight months and running by 10 months. Four weeks later, at 11 months, she could sign eat, more, clean up, help, bye, and many more words.
Now, at 15 months, she can stomp, spin, tip toe, bounce, kick, play instruments you shake, clap, dance, climb, and many more amazing skills. My family is amazed by how much Isabelle knows. We all enjoy seeing what new skills she has learned each week.
Kindermusik has fed her appetite for learning and taught me how to support her growth. Best of all, it’s created many wonderful memories for our family as we watch our daughter grow!