All That Really Matters

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom

The journey of motherhood has changed me in so many wonderful ways. One of those ways is how I see the world and what really matters. It’s easy to be happy when you realize that all you really need is faith, family, and friendship. All the material things started to fade off of my radar and all the ambitions to be somebody seemed to diminish when I realized I am the most important somebody to some people. I carry the titles of “mother,” “friend,” “daughter,” “steward,” and “wife.” These words are what help define me and make me feel complete.
God has worked through my life, teaching me through my daily struggles. He has taught me to love others, help where I can, and to soak up all the important small moments. When I joined Kindermusik and also a moms group at my church I found the places that help me to fulfill my calling as a steward.

I got involved in more than just enjoying the weekly classes at Kindermusik and signed up to help on their parent committee with fundraising. It was so much fun to give back with my time to something that has given my family so much! Also, the fundraiser was tons of fun! In my moms group, I have made a bundle of friends that make me feel so loved and cherished. I also give my time to the group by helping to fundraise and will soon be on their core team helping to plan our get togethers. All of these things help both my child and me. We both get social time away from each other to be with our peers and we get to learn from both experiences. We also get a community that makes our lives rich. I used to think earning a title and making money were all that mattered, but now I know it’s really just giving of yourself in ways that make you happy.

I love being a mom and I love how it has opened me up to so many friendships. The ladies I have met through Kindermusik and my moms group help me to realize that I am not alone. The ups and downs of this journey are normal! My soul and mind are healed every week when we talk about life with children, laugh about the funny stories we share, and commiserate on the trials we face. We support each other and help make this journey even more fun! I love my life and have never been happier. Happiness is a choice, after all!