How Music Transformed Me

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom

I was always a pretty quiet kid, though most people wouldn’t believe that now. I was so quiet and timid. I came from a large family and lived in the country surrounded by wide open spaces. We didn’t have cable tv or the technology of today, but we did have music. I remember as a child music was always in the background at home. My older sister would play the piano and you’d know her mood for the day – angry or dreamy and happy – by the music and loud or quiet way she played. You’d know when someone was cleaning because the radio would be on. On some occasions we’d have an impromptu dance party. My life at home was full of music and when I went to school I looked forward to the days we’d have music class. It was during music class that I really came out of my shell. I might not have talked in class, but I’d be in music class singing my heart out! I recall thinking when, in fifth grade the middle school band came to play for us, how amazing it would be to know how to play the flute like all those “big kids.” I went on to play the flute and saxophone in band for 7 years, through middle and high school. Over time, that quiet little girl who never really liked to talk became a girl with confidence, who now never quite stops talking! Being in the band and music, overall, gave me a way to express who I was and to find myself. By working hard and learning to play an instrument, I found my confidence grew; I felt like I could do anything!

When I think of why I give my kids the opportunity to be involved in Kindermusik, I think of the ways music gave my life so much happiness, confidence, and how it was always something to look forward to. Every week they make connections with their teachers and friends in class. They learn the elements of music and how it relates to life. I’ve also learned so much about my daughter through watching her in class. I’ve learned she is more of a quiet observer and works all the information out in her head until she’s ready to express herself or get involved. She likes to dance, but will only sing if she really likes the song. She can keep a pretty good steady beat and prefers the drum over any other instrument. She is a great listener during read alouds and makes great observations. All these things and more I learned by watching her and playing with her in class. I learned how to be a better parent by our time together. And we know, too, of course, that music optimizes development in so many other areas, including speech, language, physical and cognitive development. The relationship we built together, the confidence she’s gained, and all that we now know about Kindermusik makes us raving fans. If you’ve been wanting to try Kindermusik, I’d sure recommend it without reservation. I believe it’s an investment you’ll never regret!