The Places We’ve Gone – Through the Eyes of a Kindermusik Mom

By Beverly Smith

(We’re using scarves to pretend we’re sailing through the ocean waves!)
Today, we sailed the sea and swam in the waves, all in the comforts of a carpeted room full of giggling kids! With the days turning cloudy, cold, and gloomy, Kindermusik is a good 45-minute break from the fall/winter monotony. It’s great how the teachers help the parents to become kids again and learn to imagine just about anything with our kids. They teach us how to laugh and let go of the serious, task-filled frame of mind that takes over as we age. Between the music, dancing, and props the mood is set and we’re transported to a magical place decided by whatever the theme for the unit might be.
Over the years my children and I have enjoyed so many great themes. We’ve been farmers with the “Big Red Barn” unit, and hung out with a bear in “On the Town with Bear.” I think one of my favorite units was “Carnival of Music,” where we played carnival games and made Shoofly Pie. My oldest would say her favorite unit was when she got to be a pirate in “Make Believe” in her Level 3 preschooler class. My youngest would say the best unit she’s done is “Zoom” when she pretended to fly!
These experiences make so many good memories and help build your child’s creativity. This will come in handy when they create their first writing pieces in school or imagine ways to solve problems in science, or even help build your child’s comprehension abilities in reading. You can continue to imagine with your child at home using the Kindermusik app at home to play along with the music. You could also find lots of cool activities and ideas to play together by logging into your Kindermusik account online. There are great ideas that they give you for every theme!
The best gift I’ve received from all the places we’ve “visited” in our time in Kindermusik is a better relationship with my children. That quality time spent sitting on the floor bouncing or flying through the room to music has helped create this beautiful bond between my children and me. It’s time we spend really connecting and being engaged together, without the daily distractions of phones, TV, to-do lists, or other commitments. It is an investment in my children’s future, and something on which you cannot put a price tag.