Easter Bunnies & New Beginnings

by Beverly Smith, Kindermusik mom

As the snow melts and the temperature slowly raises the mercury, I have a feeling of new beginnings. Every year, as spring approaches, my whole body buzzes with a new-found energy. It’s like I’m thawing along with the ice! I see it in my children too, as they become bouncier (if that’s possible) and full of a new happiness, the kind that only the outdoors can create. Easter and spring are all about beginnings and seeing the world renewed. With this in mind, and in light of all that has gone on this last year, I’m going to make this Easter epic!

Ideas fill my mind and I make notes and lists. Dying eggs is fun, but add crayon resist art for even more style. First, draw on the eggs with a crayon; white is best but you can use any color. Then dye your eggs. As the dye dries the crayon will resist the dye and pop through the color!

I plan on doing an activity-based Easter basket for my kids this year. There will be some candy, of course; I don’t plan to take away all the sugar! I will try, however, to include activities based on my children’s interests (science projects, craft kits, books, outdoor toys and games, small musical instruments, etc). I know my four year old daughter loves the colorful scarves we use in Kindermusik class, so I’ve got to include a few of those, especially since hers is looking torn and tattered. Shaker egg instruments, like we use in class, are great for Easter too. You can make your own, even, with plastic eggs, electrical tape (to keep the egg closed) and non-toxic “filler” like rice and beans. There will also be paint, bubbles, and silly putty activities included in their baskets. This type of basket promotes time together for me and my children – and I know that is the most important gift I can give them.

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 5.00.57 PM

Speaking of quality time together, if you’ve read my blog before you know how passionate I am about Kindermusik! If you don’t currently attend Kindermusik, this April / May is a great time to try for this “new beginning” as you venture back out into the world! You might even include a gift certificate for a month of classes in their Easter basket (or ask grandparents who are looking for ideas to do so)! I promise It will be the very best in quality time together, and give your child the opportunity to foster their development using movement, music, stories, and instruments; it’s a great way to get rid of some of that extra spring energy, too! (Music Connections is about to announce its June summer offerings too; I am excited that many of them will be outdoors! Be sure to look for that schedule, as current restrictions limit class sizes!)

Additionally, we’ll do a spring scavenger hunt outside, some fun crafts, and decorate our house for the holiday. I also plan on a few creative egg hunts with numbered eggs to see if we can find them and put them in order. It makes it fun and educational. I’m sure we will hop, dance, and move like Easter bunnies too while playing music from our Kindermusik app!

My daughter also has made plans to write a thank you card to the Easter bunny and leave some carrots: she says we leave Santa cookies so we should leave something for the Easter bunny, too! We may even make a fun little treat basket for our Kindermusik teacher, just a fun way to say thank you for all that she does with our girls! This spring, we’ll try to spend as much time as possible outdoors, especially after the long, cold winter stuck inside!