Kindermusik As A Family

This summer I tried something new. Instead of stressing myself out by stacking more on my plate than I could handle, I kept it simple. Instead of signing each of my daughters up for a separate Kindermusik class we chose to go for the family class. Summers are full of trying to do all the things: swimming, hiking, biking, parks, playdates, vacations, and the list goes on and on. I get stressed and so do the kids if I try to schedule too many things in one day. The decision to do the family class was the absolute winner! Not only have we enjoyed slowing down and focusing on family time once a week in class, but also a relief from the heat with an indoor activity too!
It has been such a joy to play with my two girls and watch them play together in class! It has been so much fun!!!! Having 45 minutes to just relax and let the teacher help us interact in a fun, new way has made our summer better. Both of my girls get excited for class and look forward to the time we spend together.
It gives us ideas for ways to play and learn outside of Kindermusik too! We’ve learned how to take listening walks. This can be done inside your home or outside. You simply make no noise as you walk around and listen. Then later, after your walk you talk about the sounds you heard. I have also seen an increase in my girls playing together. The class has shown them how to imagine together, whether it’s pretending to wiggle like caterpillars or spread their wings like butterflies. It’s such a blessing to see them be so creative together, and I’m thankful Kindermusik helped make it possible!

– Beverly Smith (MCF/Kindermusik mom)