The Last First Day, My Daughter’s Journey Through Kindermusik

This year marks the last year my sweet Isabelle will attend Kindermusik. She’s officially in Young Child 2 and will graduate in May. The first day of class was a bit surreal. Taking her picture in front of the adorable set up they always have prepared for the kids brought back all the memories. I thought of the tiny six month old baby that entered her first Kindermusik class. I still remember the one month free training class she took with Ms. Lisa and how we met her friend Penelope, who we still spend time with today. Then she entered her first official class in September with Ms. Henderson, who ironically is teaching her final class. The years in between were filled with many wonderful memories and special teachers who made an impact on her development. We even weathered a year and a half on Zoom during the pandemic.

Throughout the years she’s grown and learned so much from her time in class. She’s learned to keep a beat, read music, play an instrument, work with a group while staying in sync with dance or an instrument, and so much more. I think the best benefit has been the confidence she has gained. She’s bloomed into her personality and been guided to find joy in who she is and the gifts she possesses.

The teachers inspire and guide, appreciate each individual child for what they bring to the group. They encourage the children to speak, share, choose, and be brave. She’s been encouraged to share her ideas and to create her own music. This is why I feel like Kindermusik and Music Connections are such a blessing. Isabelle has been given such a great experience and is ready to explore whatever adventures lie ahead, whether it’s musical theater classes at the studio, private lessons with an instrument or an activity/sport outside of the program. Isabelle has an “I can” and “I will try anything” attitude, a gift she enhanced in her years at Kindermusik.

– Beverly Smith, MCF/Kindermusik mom