Kindermusik Makes all the Difference – A Mother’s Story

12193547_937602764797_601464573258835048_nLast Thursday, I had 3 pediatric therapists, a developmental therapist and 2 physical therapists, come to my home to evaluate Ryan for his overall development to see if he is need of further services. (primarily for his lack of walking) The good news is, Ryan does not need further services, as he is only slightly delayed in his gross motor skills (the lack of walking). The great news is, he was at age level or excelled in almost every area that both therapists covered. As the developmental therapist was leading Ryan through his evaluation, the majority of “skills” that he mastered were 100% Kindermusik skills. I kept saying over and over again to the therapist – “that’s all Kindermusik!” He did the sign for ‘clean up’ when the therapist asked him to help clean up, he waved hello and goodbye to each therapist, he imitated sounds they made, and he repeated her and showed an “up high” motion when she said ‘up, up, up’ – also something I believe he’s familiar with after our recent Kindermusik lesson. Much to my surprise, he scored at a 20 month level for his speech and language development. (Ryan is currently 15 1/2 months old) I am NOT sending you this email to brag about my kid, rather to share with you the great testament of what Kindermusik can do for a child’s development. I credit a LOT of his recent development to the Kindermusik curriculum. We are a family that downloads the music and we do a lot of the activities together at home with our 4 year old, so Kindermusik is very much a part of our daily activities. Anyway, I just wanted to share how valuable I think the Kindermusik curriculum is, how fantastic YOU are, and how 3 pediatric therapists got an ear full from me about how great Kindermusik is!