About Our Piano Teacher!


Ye eun (Grace) Eom

Ye eun (Grace) Eom

Piano Teacher

Grace Eom is a pianist who graduated from University of Santo Tomas (Philippines). She was a member of the faculty at Casa San Miguel Center for the Arts in Zambales where she taught piano and group violin. She worked as the center's piano accompanist as well.

Grace does not only play the piano, but is also active in playing the viola. She has been a part of several orchestras in the Philippines, including University of Santo Tomas Symphony Orchestra, Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra and Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

She is currently a graduate student taking Collaborative Piano and Viola Performance at Illinois State University.

As she has continued with further studies, she has converted all the knowledge and experience she has gained through the years into teaching the younger generation. For Grace, music isn’t just the beautiful sound an instrument makes. It is a process of listening, processing and continuously developing with repetitive activities and exercises. It has been her goal to understand the process of the progress, and she digs deeply into the process to see more potential and possibilities in it. This is her way of understanding music and she wants to pass it down to young, enthusiastic students!

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